Education with a Purpose
treating patients
Break n mend

To help children decrease their fear of hospitalization and educate children about careers in the healthcare field.


This interactive hospital activity will provide second grade students with simulated pediatric experiences in a mock hospital environment. Listed below are the departments children will visit.

  • Admissions: Children choose one ailment - a broken arm, leg or finger. Children are admitted as a "patient" and given a medical identification wristband, insurance card, and play money.
  • Emergency Room: Students work up each patient taking their temperature, vital signs, height, and weight. They also perform mock EKGs.
  • Lab: Students simulate taking blood and explain why a patient must have blood work done before they can begin surgery.
  • X-Ray: Children observe x-rays of broken bones. They undergo a mock EKG to make sure everyone's heart is in good working order before entering surgery.
  • Pre-Op: Children put on their hat, booties and gown. Children ride in a wheelchair to surgery. Students listen to their heart with a stethoscope.
  • Surgery: Students perform mock surgery on the predetermined broken arm, finger, or leg. They review surgical instruments. Each patient leaves surgery with a wrapped area covered with stickers.
  • Post-Op: Children recover from surgery with juice and a granola bar.
  • Physical Therapy: Children use therapy equipment balls, therabands, crutches, and walkers to mend their bones.
  • Waiting Room: Children pay their bill and receive their discharge papers. Children receive a medical coloring book and a goody bag containing fun souvenir items.

Awards and Recognition
  • CAVIT students presented their Break 'n Mend hospital project in the Community Awareness competition and received a bronze medal at the 2009 National HOSA Leadership Conference in Nashville, TN.

2015 Project Highlights

Program Partners
  • Florence K-8 School
  • Coolidge Elementary
  • Maricopa Santa Rosa Elementary
  • Maricopa Elementary
  • Maricopa Pima Butte Elementary
  • Maricopa Santa Cruz Elementary
  • Maricopa Saddlebrook Elementary