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Wellness Clinic
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CAVIT has created two student-run wellness clinics that offer free basic healthcare screening to community members. Students in the medical assistant and nursing assistant programs both provide wellness services that enhance the health and well-being of residents.

Clinic Services
  • Students from our medical and nursing programs provide free basic health screening services that include checking blood pressure, measuring height and weight, and glucose checks.
  • New - Medical Assistant clinic now offers cholesterol and blood analysis testing.

Clinic Publicity

Clinic Impact
  • Students will be able to showcase their skills to the community.
  • Clinic will enable students to learn the diversity that exists in people.
  • Students will be able to dispel the myth to the community that youth are neither irresponsible nor uncaring.
  • Students will take a proactive role in solving community problems.

Clinic Resources
  • For Medical Assistant clinic, please call Jeff Wooley/Tiffany Brown, instructors, at (520) 426-4935 to schedule an appointment.
  • For Nursing Assistant clinic, please call Karen Chamberlain at (520) 316-4362 to schedule an appointment.

Clinic Consent Forms

Clinic Survey