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Animal Day Spa
Animal Day Spa

In an effort to provide students with an authentic work-based learning experience, CAVIT has created a working veterinary assistant exam facility that includes an exam room, grooming area, dog runs, surgery area, and x-ray area. Students will be able to apply their technical skills to provide free animal care services. These working environments will community residents to bring their animals in for needed services. Our veterinary assistant students in training will provide all services provided.

Available Animal Services
  • Administer Meds
  • Bath (Shampoo/Conditioner)
  • Canine/Feline Worming
  • De-Shedding Treatment
  • De-Tick/De-Flea
  • Dog Playtime/Dog Walk
  • Ear Cleaning/Excess Hair Removed
  • Eye Wash/Tear Stains
  • Fecal Sample*
  • Groom/Shave/Trim Hair
  • Puppy Socialization

*Practice Only - Not Diagnostic

Note: All animal services, except worming, are free. CAVIT students in training provide all services to animals.

Spa Resources

Vet Assistant Award Video

  • Clinic re-opens on January 6, 2015.
  • Please call (520) 423-2999 to make an appointment for an animal service.
  • We do not allow overnight stays for pets. Owners must pick up pets by 2:30 p.m.

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